What Is EN ISO 20471 Hi-Vis Clothing and why should you care?

EN ISO 20471 is an international clothing standard. It is a vital requirement in industries where the work process involves risks such as working near traffic, cranes, or other heavy types of machinery. It is necessary for night-time workers 

High visibility clothing is necessary to identify the worker’s presence in the workplace from all the angles to ensure his safety. It eliminates the risk of accidents. It is mandatory to guarantee the safety of employees and it is important to have these garments EN ISO 20471 licensed. The certification is valid for up to five years. 

There are 3 main components of high visibility clothing the fluorescent material, reflective strips, and contrast material of the garment. With the right EN ISO 20471 workwear, neither reflectors nor the fluorescent material will be hidden by blind angles and the safety of employees would be ensured. EN ISO 2047 ensures the safety of employees while they can concentrate on work. It makes the worker visible at night, in daylight, and from all angles. Licensed Hi-Vis clothing is important and it has to be prioritized in order to ensure safety. Other than that, use of hi-vis makes it easier for managers to identify staff members.

What is the health and safety managers’ responsibility?

The roles and responsibilities of a health and safety manager depend upon many factors like the type of industry, day to day tasks, and the size of the company they work for. 

A significant role in the health and safety manager is ensuring that the team is quickly recognizable. Especially, in industrial sites where there are numerous hazards. It is crucial to identify staff members and anyone who is not a worker on-site must be easily recognizable. 

Many industries work processes involve hazardous raw materials. Taking precautionary measures to ensure the employee’s health and safety is the core responsibility of the manager. It includes using branded high visibility clothing, wet climate workwear or warm workwear for cold weather, etc.

Taking suggestions and recommendations of the staff before finalizing the material will make the staff feel more connected to the company. It will help you get accurate measurements and specifications in getting the job done. Also, the employees will feel engaged with the processes of the company.  

What are the benefits of branded staff workwear in the UK

There are a ton of benefits of branding your staff workwear. Employees develop a sense of affiliation, commitment, and loyalty to the company. It is a wonderful technique to create your brand awareness with your business logo, name, and contact details on it.

When the word “branded” is added to the staff workwear it boosts up the team’s morale, the sense of belonging to the company and it motivates towards achieving the goals. It makes the employee feel cared about which increases work efficiency.

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