Why High Visibility Gear For Joggers, Road Workers, Dog Walkers & Pets Matters – FAQ

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Why High Visibility Gear For Joggers, Road Workers, Dog Walkers & Pets Matters – FAQ

When you think about high visibility gear, you probably think of bright yellow vests and reflective tape. However, you might not know is that high visibility clothing – like hi-vis vests for joggers – is a form of PPE (personal protective equipment) much like the more well-known types like masks and gloves. As such, it’s subject to specific industry standards set forth by the ISEA (International Safety Equipment Association). This equipment, such as hi-vis motorway vests or high visibility airport crew jackets, is crucial to the work environment of many industries. It’s also important for many hobbies and activities in the great outdoors.

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Who should wear high visibility gear?

Anyone who wants to stay safe in the dark.
Whether you are taking the dog for a walk or logging miles for your next marathon, there is a time when being seen is more important than being fashionable (though who says you can’t be both?). Day or night, wearing reflective gear and bright colors can only help you become easier to spot on the road when you are walking, cycling, or even working near high traffic roadways. Hi-vis vests for joggers, hi-vis dog walker vests, and other gear for recreational use can be just as important as hi-vis road workers vests for construction workers.

Is high visibility gear actually safe?

Increased visibility means fewer accidents. It’s that simple. Safety is key in almost any occupation but especially true for anyone who works in a potentially dangerous industry like construction, utility, warehouse workers, airport ground workers, and even parking lot attendants. At dangerous job sites, high visibility gear can be just as important during the day as it is at night.

Moreover, this isn’t the only place hi-vis vests and jackets come in handy. For recreational hunters, the proper high visibility gear keeps you safe from any potential accidents while out in the field. For runners and cyclists, it makes you more visible to passing vehicles, making it easier to share the road and sidewalk. Even walking your pet can be dangerous in the dark; it pays to wear a hi-vis dog walker vest even if you’re just going around the corner.

What colours are available and can hi-vis gear be personalised?

Many occupations require uniforms for the job. Including high visibility gear, like hi-vis roadworkers vests, in that uniform can help promote safety while also bringing a cohesive look to your workforce. It helps others on the job spot one another quickly and keeps them from blending into the environment. This can be especially important for road workers or those working in a warehouse or construction with specialized industrial equipment.

Most gear – like these high visibility bomber jackets – can be personalized or branded with a logo that immediately identifies someone as a member of the group. You can find high-vis jackets, vests, and other items across a spectrum of colors including orange, black, yellow, and green. Are you starting a running
club or part of a cycling team? It might be time to invest in personalized hi-vis vests for joggers to show off your group while keeping you safe.

Does your dog wear high visibility gear?

You aren’t the only one that might require extra protection. Have you ever taken your dog out for an evening stroll and been consider that they might slip the leash or dart off the sidewalk? Dogs and other animals can be easily overlooked by motorists or even cyclists who may not be paying attention. You can protect your pup without shortening their outdoor time with the right equipment. Dog vests also can be personalized with your name and phone number, just in case Spot manages to give you the slip. If you’re worried about being spotted in the dark, you can always get a matching hi-vis dog walker vest to go with it!

These are just a few reasons high visibility gear is important in the workplace and for recreational purposes. Don’t be caught unaware the next time you’d exploring the outdoors or fitting your crew with the proper safety equipment.

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