Why we offer custom embroidery services for workwear– FAQ

We offer custom embroidery services. Due to its high-quality and professional finish, embroidery is a great way to give garments elegance with long-lasting quality. Perfect for workwear and sportswear among others.

Embroidery is widely used to give workwear a professional finish and lasting design. As Kent embroidery professionals, we know you need more than just high-tech embroidery machines and the latest software. You need an experts tough. Below are your machine embroidery FAQs answered:

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How do I know what my logo will look like?

After order confirmation, our team will contact you to discuss how your workwear will look after getting embroidered. Our embroidery experts will guide you through the necessary steps you need to follow to get the best quality and finish. The production of the final garment starts after your approval (there cannot be any further changes after production has started).

How much does embroidery cost?

The cost varies on many factors e.g. Design, size of the design, and especially quantity. The price of the same design for a bulk order would be a lot cheaper than getting a single shirt embroidered. For new orders, we charge a one-off artwork checking fee.

If you’re a previous customer and want to upload your logo from a previous order, but don’t have an account with us, please call 01732-446463 before placing an order for embroidery services and save £9.99 artwork checking costs.

Once your design is finalised, you can get it embroidered infinite times and for bulk orders.

Can I have my brand colors embroidered?

YES, we’ll try our best to match colour references. If you want the exact Pantone colors in your logo then vinyl printing may not be the safest option.

What is the embroidery set up?

After receiving the artwork file, our embroidery experts plot stitches over the design to create it’s embroidery. It takes extreme focus and care to create a perfect and neat embroidered garment. 

What is the preferable size for my artwork?

The size should be approximately the same as the artwork you want to get embroidered or larger but not smaller than the expected embroidered design. All files should have a resolution of 300dpi minimum.

What is the most preferable format for artwork

The vectors are the most preferable file format but our embroidered workwear experts can create any file format like JPEG or PNG etc. Embroidery is like art and our experts excel in providing apparel embroidery services, delivering customers top-notch satisfaction. Read our artwork requirements for more details

Tips to create perfect artwork for custom embroidery services

There are a lot of tips that you can follow to make excellent artwork. Here are a few:

Try to keep the design as simple as you can. Complex and intricate embroidery designs can be created but they are not much appealing to the eye. Just one glance at it should tell the story like logos. The complex designs might complicate the process as embroidery is threat work, sometimes, it overcomplicates the details and loses its charm.

For complicated designs, we suggest you use the golden ratio formula. Every detail should be spaced out evenly so that the design looks neat unlike printing, the thread work can look messed if not properly spaced. 

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